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Ambassador Stories: Meet Sophie

Meet Sophie, one of our lovely True Beauty Ambassadors. Here she shares her story, how she discovered By Sarah London and what it means to be an Ambassador.

How do you inspire others?

I am 38 years old and worked in the corporate world for 15 years. When I realised I wanted to give more and find my purpose, I took a leap of faith and followed my passion for health, fitness and well-being. I now work globally with women and men as a Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Mindset Coach.
I help others recognise their own potential, the true strength we all hold within us, and to ultimately help them live their absolute best life with a balance of mind, body and soul.

How has your skin affected your mental health? 

Being an advocate for health and well-being, I really struggled when my sensitive skin became inflamed, red, blotchy and itchy. It was contradicting everything I was promoting when I wasn’t seen to be the epitome of health myself. I would typically cover the spots and blemishes with make-up, which inevitably made it all much worse, and so the cycle seemed set to continue. It started to impact my confidence and I became really frustrated that, although physically fit and healthy, my skin was telling a whole different story. 

How did you hear about By Sarah?

I first heard about By Sarah London from a friend, Richie Norton (The Strength Temple), and after looking into their natural and organic, plant based ingredients on their website, I decided to try their Organic Facial Oil back in April 2019. I had tried to switch all of my facial products before from regular store bought ones, but with little success of finding anything organic or natural, that wasn’t ridiculously expensive or didn’t have a terrible smell.

How did your skin improve?

I’d always had sensitive skin but it started to get much worse when I moved back to the UK in 2017. I felt like I had tried everything and it was just continuing to get worse. I had never suffered from red, blotchy, itchy skin like this before on my face. It started to really get me down. I’d researched some of the London skin clinics to see if someone could help me, but I was really struggling to know if that would even help.
Within a month of using By Sarah, my complexion had completely changed. From there, I have continued to use the Organic Facial Oil on a daily basis, along with the Natural Green Clay Cleansing Balm and have been amazed at the continued health of my skin. The photo below shows how much my skin improved.
April 2019 > May 2019 > July 2020
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Ambassador: Sophie

Why did you become a True Beauty Ambassador?

I believe in honesty and always trying to be authentic to your true self. I’ve chosen to support By Sarah London as a brand ambassador because they have the same philosophy as me. They are completely authentic and transparent, as well as offering truly organic plant based skincare. This is one of the reasons I support and believe in them.
The founders, Sarah and Lauren are beautiful people, inside and out, with an incredible story and importantly I’ve seen the results of their award winning Organic Facial Oil first hand. The results speak for themselves. I’m so thankful to have found By Sarah London and forever grateful for their constant focus on delivery and quality products that my skin loves.
If you would like to share your story and inspire others by becoming a True Beauty Ambassador, complete the application form here.
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