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12 Wellness Hacks Recommended By You

What's your one wellness hack that you live by everyday?

Wellness is such a buzzword at the moment and it can be hard to define what it really means. For us at BY SARAH, it means bringing greater transparency to skincare and advocating a more conscious way of living.
What does it mean for you?
If you need some inspiration or are looking to better define how you can find greater well-being in your life, read on to see what 12 of our loyal customers and supporters of BY SARAH recommend! 

Lilo Ask-Henriksen

BY SARAH LONDON - Blog - Lilo Ask-Henriksen
"My wellness hack that I live by everyday is sleep. I get to bed around 10pm on week days, weekends I’m more flexible. But I always strive to get my 8 hours. I can feel a big difference with my skin, energy and overall well-being by getting the right sleep." - Health Consultant & Eco Blogger: honeyandroots.com

Zoe-Maia Jarchevska

"For me, I can't live without incorporating some mindful movement into my life every day. This may be a walking meditation to and from meetings, a dynamic stretch on my mat in the mornings or taking part in some gentle exercise, my favourite of course being Pilates. These sort of mindful movements keep both my mind and my body feeling energised, whilst helping to bring me clarity and focus for whatever I have ahead of me." - Founder, MAIA Well Co: maiawellco.com

Monica Beatrice

BY SARAH LONDON - Monica Beatrice
"I start every day with a slot of time for myself, whether that’s 1 hour or twenty minutes, I always try to have some quiet time, enjoy a cup of tea and watch an episode of a TV show. It’s such a simple routine, but it really helps me to get into alignment for the day ahead." - Heart-led UK lifestyle blogger & podcaster @monicabeatrice

Olga Parfiryeva

"Rest! Over the years I’ve learnt that I need to listen to my body and rest. Either it’s sleeping in on a weekend, taking time off, resting through reading or physical activity like the gym. Or resting by just saying “no” when I feel like I can’t handle something and need to step away." - Customer, UK


BY SARAH LONDON - The Spot Beauty
"One of my fav skincare/wellness hacks is to visit an infrared sauna and sweat it out! It does wonders for skin, body and overall health! It’s my go to for overall wellness. Infrared saunas are not like your average sauna, have numerous health benefits. Whenever I leave my skin is glowing and it’s an amazing way to detox!" - Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger: thespotbeauty.com

Maureen Boudreau

BY SARAH LONDON - Blog - Maureen Boudreau
"I have a sweet tooth and I couldn't get through the day without snacking on something like a chocolate bar. Around midday, I have one or two energy balls instead of a sugary snack and it satisfies my craving. As well, I feel good eating energy balls knowing they are a healthy alternative." - Customer, Canada

Zoë Lind van't Hof

BY SARAH LONDON - Featuring Founder of Wunderworkshop
"I love starting and mostly also finishing my day with a gong-bath session on my ThirdEar app it always resets me for the day ahead and helps me unwind after a busy day." - Founder & CEO, Wunderworkshop: wunderworkshop.com

Beth Fuller

"Apple cider vinegar in my water - it doesn't taste the best (pretty horrendous in fact hahah) but the benefits both inside and out are worth it!" - Founder & CEO of Noa Vee: noavee.com

Shell and the Littlies

BY SARAH LONDON - Shell and the littlies
"I think my Wellness hack is I always start my day with a cup of hot water and fresh lemon it makes me feel fresh and helps wake up your system! I also always carry around water with lemon too that I drink throughout the day. As a busy Mom I was finding I could go through the day and forget to drink so by having this ready to hand it reminds me! Keeping hydrated is so important to keep you well and also it's so good for your skin." - Instagram Mama: @shellandthelittlies

Karina Herring Jensen

BY SARAH LONDON - customer
"I force myself to believe that I’M GOOD ENOUGH. I close my eyes, focus on my breathing and try to release the negative and stressful thoughts. And if it doesn’t suffice, there’s skincare. Feeling and playing with wonderful textures, letting my eyes feast on beautiful colours, enjoying beautiful scents, taking care of my skin… that’s my happy place. Every day." - Customer, Denmark

Lucy Mills

BY SARAH LONDON - Blog - Your Ideal Fit
"My green smoothie. I swear by it. It’s the first meal of the day for me, everyday! Sometimes it’s early before I train my pre-work clients and some days closer to lunch time, if I’m doing intermittent fasting. It’s such a great way to pack in the leafy greens and give the body an alkalising nutrition hit." - Founder, Your Ideal Fit: youridealfit.com

Kat Pither

BY SARAH LONDON - Blog - Yogi Bear
"Try to find the cereal box toy in every day! By that I mean no matter how tough your day feels there is always a bit of hidden magic and joy within it to make you smile, whether that is a silly looking dog or taking yourself on a "date" with your fave foods and drinks. Once you start looking for the cereal box toy you won't be able to stop finding them. When we appreciate the positive moments and aspects we radiate in a way no amount of supplements could ever make us!" - Founder & CEO, Yogi Bearyogibear.co.uk
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