What's all the buzz this week in the organic beauty and wellbeing market?

We'll share a little secret with you: a super exciting insight and news of positive change was revealed this week...

The Soil Association Certification’s highly anticipated annual Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Market 2018 Report has been published.

The report revealed growth of more than 24% of certified organic beauty and wellbeing products (compared to 2016)! This stellar performance marks another year of double-digit growth and a clear sign that organic is the future.

We use only the finest all-natural and organic ingredients that have been certified by The Soil Association in our beautifully-curated skincare, because we value the higher nutritional content that organic ingredients are found to have and the kinder environmental impacts associated with organic farming. 

As Clare McDermott, Business Development Director at Soil Association Certification, says: “We know shoppers are putting increasing value on trust, transparency and traceability when making their purchasing decisions. Organic delivers on those values and is also increasingly seen as the healthy and ethical choice thanks to mounting evidence of the difference between organic and non-organic, both in terms of nutrition and environmental impact." 

If you're already an organic devotee, we adore you! If you're trying to make the switch to organic skincare, why not start with our Organic Introductory Set and see how our deeply-nourishing, certified-organic, plant-based ingredients feed your skin and give you the most beautiful, natural glow - with not a single synthetic or artificial ingredient in sight!

Written by: Lauren, COO, BY SARAH